Money Management

Money Management

Money Management
 Transform Your Money from Debt to Wealth!

Personal finances, budgeting, money management, debt free living - Are you confused by it all?

You have found the right place to learn how easy and fun it is to transform your money (or your debt) into wealth!

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Does This Sound Like You?

If you relate to any or all of these questions – then you are not alone! Money is one of the most argued about topics in relationships, one of the largest causes of divorce and causes more stress then we realize. It is the “taboo” topic of this decade. It is easier to talk about sex, then it is to talk about money or personal finances.

Who am I?

My name is Melanie Fine. I am a Certified Public Accountant and more importantly a personal finance coach. I have been teaching and coaching individuals, couples and families for many years. My family and I practice what I preach; essentially we manage our money, and use it to create our lives as we want to them to be. As a team, my husband and I work together and play together and have created an amazing life. We are teaching our daughter how to manage her money and to see what is possible if she learns to manage her money as a child.

It is my passion to share my knowledge, tools and stories about: Money Management
If you are ready to break the cycle and take your power back - TRANSFORM YOUR MONEY through easy and fun tips and techniques. This site is about taking you from where you are to where you want to be! It starts with money management.

This site is a resource, a work in progress. My plan is to create a continually growing community where you can learn how to take control and do what it takes to have the life you want!

Transform Your Money is the place to find the information you need to choose how you want your life to be. You may choose a money management plan of debt free living, frugal living, or extravagant living. Whatever you choose this is the place to learn about each. Hey you never know - frugal living could be what really suits you!

Regardless, you have the tools to create your money management plan, and make your personal finances fun and easy as pie!

Keep checking back, as I will add new information regularly, including a blog and forum for you to gather even more information.

If you are not sure where to start then go to the over all plan page and find out where to start. After all you can't transform your money without having a plan to do it!

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Welcome to Transform Your

Take a moment to look around and see how fun and easy it is to transform your money!

Melanie Fine,

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"If you commit yourself to Melanie Fine's system and follow her structures carefully you will build your personal wealth. I didn't. I just did bits and pieces of it, haphazardly, and yet the results were so surprising and created such a transformation in my finances that I jumped in whole hog. I've always been lucky enough to always have income coming in, but for the first time in my life I have power around my money. Thanks, Melanie. "

Rick Green, Co-Creator of "The Red Green Show", Toronto ON


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