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Halloween Decoration Ideas
Great Ways to Save Money and
Decorate Your House for Halloween

If Halloween is as important and fun of a holiday at your house as it is at ours, then make sure you budget for it in your money plan to make sure that everyone has the most fun this Halloween.

Decorating your home for Halloween can be expensive if you don't plan it right. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money to still have a spooky and fun Halloween at your house.

Halloween 2006

Below I have gathered some great ideas and videos on how to decorate your home, inside and out, for Halloween for less. I have even includes some great Eco Friendly Halloween ideas. Eco friendly ideas are usually money saving ideas too!

Many ideas use items you already have and some require some creativity and thought.

Make a family day of it. Make it fun and offer a prize for the best decorating ideas from each family member (with honorable mentions for all of course).

Halloween is about more that dressing up and going trick or treating. Its about spending time together and making those special memories. So decorate that house and have some fun while saving some money all at the same time!

Make sure that after Halloween is over, you carefully store all your decorations that you added to your collection this year to use for next year!

Halloween Decorating Ideas - For the Outside of Your House

Here are some great Halloween decorating ideas for the outside of your home.

  • Get bales of straw from your local farm or farmers market and put outside your house
  • Change the color of your outdoor light bulbs to create a spooky effect
  • Buy gourds and small pumpkins and create a nice fall display
  • Make a Scarecrow out of old pants and shirt and a bag for the
  • Spread Spider webs all over your front yard
  • Fill a wheel barrel with soil and place plastic bones in it as if you were about to bury a body
  • Create Mummy Statues using head forms, roll in strips of old sheets and scuff them up.
  • Create tombstones out of cardboard and spray them with paint - write funny or scary sayings on them.
  • Create giant candy wrappers out of cardboard and paper.
  • Cover your windows with black paper that has been cut out with a spooky design - shine a spooky light behind it.
  • Create ghosts out of white plastic bags and hang them around your house
  • Make large "BEWARE" signs and warnings "ENTER IF YOU DARE" and put them up outside your house
  • Cut bats and cats out of black paper and paste them on the garage or front door
  • Check out the local dollar and thrift stores for more items to add to your collection

This is a great video about "How to plan your Haunted House" if you are decorating the outside of your home. The quality isn't so great but the ideas are!

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Halloween Decoration Ideas - For the Inside of Your House

Don't forget to decorate the inside of your home this Halloween. Here are some money saving ideas:

  • Make tiny ghosts out of tissues and twist ties and hang them around your home
  • Make cobwebs and spider webs around your home with the dollar store plastic spiders
  • Make Halloween cookies and display them around your home
  • Play eerie music at the front door for when trick or treaters come to the door
  • Turn lollipops into ghosts or pumpkins by covering them with white or orange tissue paper, then add the face with black marker
  • Fill candy bowls with candy corn or other Halloween candy
  • Collect colorful leaves and pine cones and dry them out - then distribute throughout the house as decorations
  • Of course the most common idea, Carve a pumpkin into a Jack O Lantern

Here are some more ideas for Halloween decoration ideas for inside your home.

How to Decorate Indoors for Halloween -- powered by

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Save Money and go Eco Friendly this Halloween

Some great Halloween Decoration Ideas that are money saving and eco friendly..

Click here for Homemade Halloween Costumes and Halloween party ideas

Regardless of what you choose there are so many money saving Halloween decorating ideas, so budget for and plan a great Halloween this year! 

Happy Halloween!!!!

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